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We know that recovery from an eating disorder is a complex and challenging process. Practical support, informed resources and expert guidance are key to starting and eventually making a full recovery.

Online Course First Steps to Recovery IntroductionOur online recovery resource ‘First Steps to Recovery’. is an interactive course based on the psychological theory of change and will enable you to really think about what recovery means for you.

The course includes film clips, downloadable materials, goal setting activities and practical suggestions from those who have recovered, helping you to take steps towards your recovery.

The programme takes about 1-2 hours to complete, but it can take longer depending on your learning approach. You can work through it as often as you like in private or with a friend, family member or counsellor. The downloadable materials can be used on an ongoing basis.

As a charity, and to help meet the running costs of the resource, we charge a one-off £15.00 registration fee*. Go to our online shop to buy now

*ABC Course Bursary SchemeShould your financial circumstances present a barrier to purchasing the course at this time, you can register for free through our bursary scheme or make a small donation of your choice. For more details or to apply for the scheme, email: or Tel: 03000 11 12 13, option 3

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to understand more about recovery from an eating disorder! Here's some examples of those we feel this course will be beneficial to:

  • You have a diagnosis and are waiting for NHS treatment  - this course can help you to contemplate the journey ahead and prepare yourself to make the most of treatment programmes once they begin. 
  • You are not currently receiving statutory treatment or support but want to know more about recovery and where to start - the first steps often feel the hardest, this course will give you the encouragement needed. 
  • You are caring for a loved one and want to know more about the recovery process ahead both for them and you. 
  • You are a professional such as a counsellor or therapist that wants to understand more about recovery for one of your clients. 

What do people say about the course?

 “More support than I’ve ever had. My ‘go-to’ in the long wait for NHS services.”

 “The course is thoughtful, sensitive, refreshing, safe and supportive. An instant breaking of the barrier that nobody else knows what’s going on.”

“It’s very human, and the videos remind me that the eating disorder isn’t the monster it might seem as it shows that others have struggled and recovered. It gives me hope and motivation.”

 “I’m aware of recovery, but I wasn’t sure about it and this course gave me a lot of help”

“Personal, supportive and encouraging.”

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