Recovery is something you may find yourself thinking about a lot when you're struggling with an eating disorder. Maybe it’s something you fear – or something you long for. Maybe it's both of those things at different times. Perhaps it's something you're supposed to be working towards with your GP, psychologist or counsellor.

With over 30 years’ experience, we know that recovery from an eating disorder is a complex and challenging process. Being helped to think about what recovery is and is not as well as guiding people to considering small changes is necessary pre-contemplation.

First Steps to Recovery

To complement our free support services, we’ve developed a new online recovery resource ‘First Steps to Recovery’. Similar to an e-learning course, this interactive resource is based on the psychological theory of change and will enable you to really think about what recovery means for you.

The resource includes film clips, downloadable materials, goal setting activities and practical suggestions from those who have recovered, helping you to take steps towards your recovery. 

To find out more about First Steps to Recovery, visit our practical tools page 

You don’t have to be ready to recover, you just have to not want to spend one more day or one more hour or one more minute living like you are.

Eating Disorder Recovery Stories

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