Parent and Carer's Online Community

Welcome to the ABC Parent and Carer's Online Community. This online community has been created to help and support you if you know someone who is battling an eating disorder. Through this platform, you can share your feelings and experiences and give and gain support and encouragement from others in similar situations. To make a post please go to the relevant category and click the 'make a post' button and once you are happy with it click 'submit'. Your post will then appear on the online community for others to respond to in their own time. 

To join this confidential community please read the rules and register your membership. Thanks to Lottery funding this community is currently free, but donations will enable us to keep it running. If you would like to contact us, please use the 'contact administrator' button on the home page.

Share the good news There can be challenging and exhausting times, but there are more positive times as well. To celebrate the good times and to give hope to others you are invited to share your good news stories alongside an image. Please send them using the link button at the bottom of each posts' page. We have been very lucky to have the picture of Becky Scholey and her sister and we are sure there are more good news stories.

Support Hub UPDATE: Due to Coronavirus we have moved our Support Hub online. It offers booked appointments via Skype for parents, carers, partners and family members caring for, or worried about, a loved one with an eating disorder. Our Hub team offer lived experience of personal recovery and also that of caring for children with eating disorders. Everyone welcome!
Find out more here 

BREAKING NEWS we have a new online course "First Steps to Recovery", would this be useful for the person that you are supporting? Find out more here
COVID 19 Please see the files listed under health facts - support for you and your family in these changing times.


Which organisation has offered you the most effective support


“It really helps to have somewhere to share my feelings and thoughts. Hearing from other carers offers me hope.”