Pip's Place Online

Bookable support & peer-led groups every Tuesday

Pip's Place Online

A weekly, recovery-centred, online support hub, running every Tuesday, 9am-4pm, Pip's Place Online offers:

 1:1 appointments over Zoom with a member of our support team

 Online support groups for individuals and family/friends

Pip's Place Online is available to those aged 18+ in the UK either living with or impacted by an eating disorder including family and friends or carers. 

About 1:1 Zoom Support Appointments

Belinda & Rosie N

Belinda, our support team lead, and Rosie, a trained volunteer, will be available every Tuesday from 9am. Read more about Belinda and Rosie here

Appointments are for 40 minutes and an opportunity for focussed 1-2-1 time. Share your questions and concerns and explore recovery-led strategies for moving forward, for either yourself or a loved one. 

You are welcome to use the service multiple times. However, to be fair to everyone, we ask that you book only one appointment per day. Although we encourage you to talk to us with your webcam on, if preferred you can switch your camera off or use the chat-box function in Zoom.

To book a place, click below and then select 'Zoom - Pip's Place Online & Support Groups'

Book 1-2-1 support with Belinda   or      Book 1-2-1 support with Rosie

About our Peer-Led Support Groups

We have two online support groups - one for 'individuals' - those living with an eating disorder personally, and one for family, friends and carers. Both groups are self-guided and moderated by our support team who may be assisted by volunteers with lived experience. 

We ask that anyone attending one of our support groups familiarises themselves with our Group Guidelines & Code of Conduct. Booking a place indicates that you agree to abide by these guidelines for the benefit of yourself and fellow group participants. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us using the email address below. 

Peer Support Group - Individuals
Weekly, Tuesdays 10am-11.30am

Zoom based support group for anyone 18+ years with an eating disorder or eating distress. Up to 8 places per Zoom room. 

“Hearing other people’s journeys gives me hope”

The session is a safe space to share challenges and successes over the previous two weeks, to learn more about recovery and what it means for you. You will be welcomed into a non-judgmental space and hear from those who have similar experiences. Participants are invited to speak and share their thoughts to a level that feels right for them. This means you are also very welcome to simply listen and observe. The session is moderated by ABC support staff and volunteers at all times.

To book a place, click on the button below and select 'Zoom - Pip's Place Online & Support Groups' to see availability for up to a month ahead. 

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Peer Support Group - Family & Friends
Tuesdays 10am-11.30am

Note: Due to staff holidays, there will be no family & friends support group on 17th August

Zoom based support group open to anyone 18+ years caring for, or concerned about, a loved one, family member or friend. Up to 8 places per Zoom room.

“I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders after talking today”

The session is a chance to share questions, concerns and coping strategies and to hear how others have managed in similar circumstances. You'll be talking with those who understand first-hand the daily challenges of supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. We'll also focus on practical strategies and support to help you guide your loved one towards recovery. The group is self-guided but facilitated by members of the ABC support team with personal experience of supporting a loved one through diagnosis and recovery, and assisted by trained volunteers.

To book a place, click on the button below and select 'Zoom - Pip's Place Online & Support Groups' to see availability for up to a month ahead. 

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Got a Question?

Drop us an email and we'll get right back to you: mail@anorexiabulimiacare.org.uk 

(Please note this email address is for general enquiries only and cannot provide support. Details of our email support service is here.)

Pip McManus

Pip’s Place Online is supported by The Pip Foundation in memory of Pip McManus. We are very grateful for their support and generosity. 

Pip’s family and friends are fundraising to open an in-person ABC-led support hub, their ultimate vision and hope for the Foundation. By launching Pip’s Place Online first, we are able to start helping people in Pip’s memory sooner and reach people across the UK in a COVID-19 safe way. 

To read more about the Foundation, or to make a donation, please click here.

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