Covid-19 Information

 ABC's Guide to Coping with an Eating Disorder during Coronavirus

Since the start of the pandemic, we have adapted our approach and continue to offer support services to those impacted by an eating disorder. Scroll down for full information on our support services at this time.

 Our team has put together our top tips and ideas for coping with social distancing, isolation and the impact on meals, food and exercising. The guide includes information for both individuals, their families and loved ones. 

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Our support services 

1. Our telephone and email support helplines are available Wednesday to Friday each week. Find out more here

2. Our bookable 1:1 support appointments have been extended and are now available Tuesday to Friday each week. More information and to book

3. Our online peer support groups run on Tuesdays. More info & booking details

4. Our befriending service continues. You can find out more here

5. We have a range of practical tools available including our online recovery course - perfect for those contemplating recovery and what it means for them, but also helpful for parents, partners or therapists. More information here

6. We continue to offer online resources, courses and books via our online shop

If you have any questions, please contact us