Help For You

ABC is here to listen to any worries that you may have about eating disorders as well as to provide practical support and guidance.

Our Support Team

There are a number of ways you can access our free support

·         Call our Helplines on 03000 11 12 13

·         Email us:

·         Visit our parent and carer online community

·         Book an appointment at our weekly online Support Hub (video call and online chat options available)

·         Join our befriending service

Resources & Books

First Steps to Recovery (E-learning)

To complement our free support, we’ve recently developed a new online recovery resource.

The interactive programme is based on the psychological theory of change and will enable you to really think about recovery and what it means for you.

With practical suggestions from those who have recovered, goal setting activities, film clips and downloadable materials the course aims to give you the knowledge, encouragement and tools needed to help you on your recovery journey.

You can work through the resource as often as you like in private or with a friend, family member or counsellor. The downloadable materials can be used on an ongoing basis.

It takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete, but may take longer depending on your learning approach and needs.

Also suitable for carers, therapists and other health professionals supporting someone towards recovery from an eating disorder.

As a small national charity, to help meet the course administration costs, we charge a one-off registration fee of £15.00*

You can purchase the course here.

*ABC Training Bursary Scheme: should your financial circumstances prevent you from accessing our online courses, you can apply for free access through this scheme. Email: for more information.

The Parents Guide to Eating Disorders by Jane Smith

This book provides practical advice for parents and draws on Jane’s personal experience of helping her daughter through an eating disorder as well as many case studies from families ABC has helped over the years.

Eating Disorders: The Path to Recovery by Dr Kate Middleton

Writing from her experience of working with sufferers and drawing extensively on case histories, Dr Middleton explains what eating disorders are and why we develop them. Crucially, she offers guidance for setting out on the road to recovery.

To buy a book or to register for ‘First Steps to Recovery’, please visit our online shop.