Help us get online ad targeting that can trigger or reinforce eating disorder beliefs & behaviours banned!

Have you ever been online, maybe using social media to talk about your experiences of an eating disorder, and noticed ads popping up that advertise weight loss or body image related products? Us too. And we are not happy about it. 

Daniel's petition to Government

Our Chair, Daniel Magson, has uncovered evidence of the seemingly deliberate targeting of these ads towards people that speak out about eating disorders online. He knows this because he is one of them.

Daniel has recovered from Bulimia and regularly talks about his experiences online to support others and raise awareness of the problems of eating disorders. But, he is also shown a range of ads on a daily basis for meal replacement drinks, body image altering apps and even a competition to win substantial sums of money for losing weight. And being a digital marketer he knows it is all down to how they target users online. 

Ultimately, we know ads promoting weight loss and other body image-related products can be extremely triggering for someone with an eating disorder and irresponsible targeting by advertisers has to stop. Daniel has launched a petition for change - please sign now and then read on to find out what else you can do to help. 

Video: Daniel explains how he has been targeted and why he is campaigning for change

Join Us in our Campaign for Change - how you can help

1. Sign the petition
Over 1400 people have signed so far, but we need lots more!

2. Share the petition
Ask your friends and family to sign and share too. On social media, tag your posts with #AdsCanTrigger and #EatingDisorders

3. Help us gather examples of inappropriately targeted ads
Screenshot them and send as jpg or png files to We will add these to our own evidence and package them up to submit with our petition. Please include a note explaining what site (web/social media) you were using at the time, the date and time you saw the ad. 

4. Use this simple tool to Write to your MP.
Tell them why you believe advertisers must stop targeting people with eating disorders.
Write in your own words but as a guide, you could include:

  • examples of the ads you have seen online that appear to be targeted towards you 
  • why these ads are problematic for you
  • why weight loss and body image ads are inappropriate or even dangerous for someone suffering or recovering from an eating disorder
  • why you believe advertisers must be made to stop this type of targeting

5. Follow us on social media for campaign updates.
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Let's take a stand and ensure no one suffering from an eating disorder has to be bombarded with ads about products and services that can trigger or reinforce eating disorder behaviours. It's not fair and it's not safe. It's time for change!