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Current research opportunities

Invitation to participate in study exploring students' experiences of receiving online therapy for an eating disorder during the pandemic

Deadline 31st January 2022

I am currently undergoing my undergraduate dissertation project in which I am exploring students' experiences of receiving online therapy for a self-identified eating disorder. The study is an anonymised online survey which should take around 30-40 minutes and includes questions around individuals' experiences of transitioning to online therapy and how online therapy impacted their self-identified eating disorder.

This research aims to understand the transition, accessibility and effectiveness of online therapy for university students who have had difficulties with an eating disorder, whose experiences have been underexplored despite their vulnerability throughout the covid-19 lockdown. This research is important, as it can inform protocol on how to support university students who self-identify as having an eating disorder through online therapy now lockdown restrictions are easing and offer insight into the effectiveness of online therapy for this population.

Link to survey:

Psychology Student, University of the West of England


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