Make a Difference

We personally support people who've lost a loved one to an eating disorder by helping to create the most fitting tribute. Sometimes the most effective tribute is a special project dedicated to the life and memory of your loved one, created especially to reflect their passion and goals. 

In memory of her daughter Laura, Vickie raised money and created ABC's online education site 

"Laura loved Education and was like a sponge for learning. Both her school and college reports and exam grades reflected an outstanding pupil. Her teachers and pupils spoke of an exemplary student who had the potential to go far in her chosen career. If Laura had lived I’m confident she would have made a difference to so many, in her short life she had already done so. For this very reason it is important for me in memory of my beautiful daughter to acknowledge this and to try and help others like she would have done.

By putting together a website it allows me to have a platform to promote and highlight much needed awareness, funding and prevention into eating disorders. My involvement with the charity ABC and the Education Programme will also allow me to meet and engage with others, to help increase knowledge and understanding, and to give support." 

We've helped people to create projects they're passionate about, dedicated to the people they love. Each project is unique to the person and can relate to any area, whether it's creating a learning environment like Vickie or creating an information pack for businesses and corporate organisations to equip professionals with the skills to support people in their workplace. Perhaps it's raising money in order to create a professional survey, gathering the evidence to enable us to develop our services accordingly. Whatever your thought, idea or vision, we're here to help you shape it and make it a reality. 

To talk through your ideas for a tribute project with a member of the ABC team, please click here. Together we can make a difference.