ABC's Tribute area is dedicated to you who have lost a loved one. Losing a person to an eating disorder is a loss like no other, often the result of a long and arduous battle. The Forget-Me-Not reference is a tribute to Laura Wilmott, who lost her life to Anorexia Nervosa, aged 18. Her mother, Vickie Townsend set up the Forget-Me-Not Appeal to raise preventative awareness and understanding, along with funding to create ABC's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), in memory of her daughter. 

This area is available to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one to an eating disorder. We know that this pain can never go away, but we offer you the chance to write a dedication in memory of that special person. For more information on setting up a tribute, please email us here.

Forget Me Not

Emma Bruce




Posted by Lynn Maxwell

I had only known Emma for 5 Years, however, during that time she had a huge impact on my life.  I had suspicions that she suffered from an eating disorder but never asked her or approached the subject.  I think she appreciated that, she was more than the disease she was suffering from.  She told me in her own time and that let her open up when she wanted to.  Emma was a regular member of my Zumba class and every week she came along, even on the weeks she maybe was not in the best emotional or physical place she had a huge infectious smile. That was such a reward for me.
Emma suffered from anorexia for 20 years, when she passed away on 1st February 2016 she was only 35 years old.  For a girl who lived with the torment of this heart-breaking disease day in day out she achieved so much in her life.  She excelled in school and Beauty College, she loved art and she also owned her own very successful Beauty Business which received a Prince’s Trust Award.  Emma was a genuinely amazing lady who would do anything for anyone, always had such a big heart.

Forget Me Not

Laura Wilmott




Posted by Vickie Townsend

Laura showed such strength, courage and positivity. Even in her darker times, especially towards the end of her life Laura never complained or gave up. She always hoped that one day she would overcome her illness. Although Laura was a young person she was so sure of what her future would be, her career and ambitions. She would spend time talking with her family about her plans and was confident of what she would achieve.

Laura from a young age had a huge heart for others. Growing up Laura was loved for her compassion and care. Whether it be family, friends or strangers Laura had this ability to envelope others with her gentle, kind and caring nature. Laura had known for a long time that she wanted to be a Nurse, her ability to care for both young and old was her strength and passion. She wanted to make a difference, to support, understand and care for the sick and vulnerable.

If Laura had lived I’m confident she would have made a difference to so many, in her short life she had already done so. For this very reason it is important for me in memory of my beautiful daughter to acknowledge this and to try and help others like she would have done.