Sponsored Events

Our supporters have taken part in so many different events to help raise vital funds, and their dedication and commitment has enabled us to continue protecting and saving lives.

Taking part in an event for ABC also means something very special to every one of our supporters, most of whom have been personally affected by an eating disorder and are dedicated to raising awareness of the effects on individuals and their families. Some of our supporters take part in sponsored events for ABC to honour the life of a loved one they've lost. 

Here are some of the ways you can become a part of the ABC Community and Get Involved For The Person You Love:

Charity Talent Show

5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon 

Charity Fashion Show


Ben Nevis Climb

Global Adventure Challenges 

If you would like to run for ABC we can send you a free running vest and fundraising materials. Join our team, wear our sunflower and Run The Road To Recovery.

Upcoming Events in 2018


14/01 - Rough 'n' Tumble 10, Wiltshire
21/01 - Abingdon 10KM, Oxfordshire
21/01 - Mast Race 10k, Bolton
21/01 - Finsbury & Victoria Park 5k & 10k, London
27/01 - Hereford Winter 10K, Hereford
27/01 - Run Richmond Park 10k, London
27/01 - Hyde Park Royal Parks Winter 10K, London
27/01 - New Year Nonsense, Sheffield 
28/01 - Royal Parks Series, London
28/01 - Longleat 10KM, Wiltshire 


04/02 - Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon, Portsmouth
11/02 - Valentines 10K, Greater London
18/02 - Central Lancashire 5K, Lancashire
24-25/02 - Stanley Park 10K, Blackpool
25/02 - Run Victoria Park 10k, London
25/02 - The Grand Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton


04/03 - Bath Half Marathon, Bath
04/03 - Resolution Run 5K & 10K, Edinburgh, Scotland
11/03 - Surrey Half Marathon, Surrey 
17/03 - Richmond Spring Riverside 10K, Richmond
18/03 - City of Lincoln 10K, Lincoln
18/03 - Coventry Half Marathon, West Midlands
18/03 - Coventry Half Marathon, West Midlands
18/03 - Weymouth Half Marathon, Weymouth 
18/03 - Reading Half Marathon, Reading
18/03 - Forest of Dean Spring Half Marathon, Gloucestershire
18/03 - Wilmslow Half Marathon, Wilmslow 
25/03 - Yeovil Half Marathon, Somerset


05/04 - Three Bridges 10k Road Race, Lancashire
08/04 - Paris Marathon, Paris, France
08/04 - Fleetwood 10K, Fleetwood
08/04 - Sheffield Half Marathon, Sheffield 
13-15/04 - Brighton Marathon, Brighton
21-22/04 - Blackpool 2k/5k/10k/Half/Marathon, Blackpool
22/04 - Bolton 10K, Greater Manchester
22/04 - ABP Half Marathon, Southampton
22/04 - Virgin Money London Marathon, London
29/04 - Stratford Triathlon, Stratford upon Avon


06/05 - Sleaford Half Marathon, Lincolnshire
07/05 - Milton Keynes Half Marathon, Milton Keynes
13/05 - Leeds Half Marathon, Leeds
13/05 - Bristol 10k, Bristol
20/05 - Run Heaton 5k/10k/Half Marathon, Manchester
20/05 - Cheshire Triathlon, Cheshire
26-27/05 - London to Brighton Challenge 
26-27/05 - Edinburgh Half Marathon, Edinburgh, Scotland


01/06 - London Cardiff 24
09/06 - Windmill Race, Lancashire
16/06 - 2018 June JailBreak, Derbyshire 
17/06 - London to Brighton Bike Ride
20/06 - Even Splits 5K Series, Leeds
24/06 - Torbay Half Marathon, Devon


01/07 - Lions 5k/10k/Half Marathon Charity Run, Woking
01/07 - Redhill Sprint Triathlon, Redhill
01/07 - Regents Park 10k Summer Series, London
01/07 - Southport Half Marthon & 10k, Southport
05/07 - Thames 5k,10k & 3k at Beale Park, Reading
07/07 - Summer Gut Buster 10k, Berkshire
08/07 - Bath Two Tunnels 5km and 10km, Bath
08/07 - Blackpool Summer 10k, Blackpool
15/07 - Frome Half Marathon, Somerset
15/07 - York Triathlon, York
18/07 - Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon, Windsor


02/08 - Big Fun Run, Sheffield
04/08 - Run Richmond Park 10K Race, London
05/08 - Gloucester City Half and Full Marathon, Gloucester 
09/08 - York 5K Series Race, York

15/08 - Leeds 5K Series Race, Leeds
18/08 - Rough Runner 5K/10K/15K, Scotland
18/08 - Tough Mudder, South West

18/08 - Big Fun Run, Manchester
19/08 - Wickham 10K, Hampshire
19/08 - Big Fun Run, Liverpool

27/08 - Denby Dash, Huddersfield
30/08 - South Park Festival of Running, Darlington


01/09 - Run Richmond Park 5k and 10k, London
04/08 - Greater Cambridge 10, Cambridgeshire 
09/09 - Northampton Half Marathon, Northampton 

13/08 - York 5K Series, University of York, York
16/09 - Killerton Half Marathon, Exeter
16/09 - Meon Valley Express 10K/5K, Hampshire

22/09 - The Gloworm Neon Night Run 10K/5K, Sheffield
23/09 - Hever Castle Half Marathon, South East London
23/09 - Bristol Half Marathon, Bristol


06-7/10 - Bournemouth 5k/10k/Half/Full Marathon, Bournemouth
07/10 - Salisbury Half Marathon, Salisbury 
07/10 - Plymouth 10k, Plymouth

12/10 - Wickham Torchlight 10K, Wickham 

14/10 - Simply Health Great Run Half Marathon, Birmingham 
14/10 - Slough Half Marathon, Slough
20/10 - Windsor Autumn Half Marathon, Windsor
21/10 - Stroud Half Marathon, Gloucestershire
27/10 - Exmoor 5k/10k/Half/Full Marathon, Exmoor
28/10 - Rugby Half Marathon, Warwickshire
28/10 - Thurrok 10, Essex 


03/11 - Gunpowder Colour Run, Sheffield
04/11 - Marlow Half Marathon, Bucks
04/11 - RunTatton 10k and Half Marathon, Tatton Park, Chesire

10/11 - Remembrance Day 10K, Hampshire
17/11 - Swindon 10k, Swindon 
18/11 - Hertfordshire Half Marathon, Hertfordshire
18/11 - Gosport Half Marathon, Gosport
25/11 - Greenwich Park 10k MoRun, South East London


02/12 - Do It For Charity Santa Run, Victoria Park, London
08/12 - Run Through Victoria Park 5k/10k/Half Marathon, London
23/12 - Great Sheffield Santa Fun Run, Sheffield

30/12 - Twixmas 10K, Hampshire

If you're looking for a unique challenge in the UK or overseas, see Global Adventure Challenges at http://globaladventurechallenges.com/ 

If you don't see an event that inspires you and you have suggestions of your own, you can email one of the ABC team to talk through your ideas. Email us here

Hannah's Road to Recovery 

"A few years ago, during a period of hospitalisation for anorexia, I remember announcing to my assigned nurse that one of my primary motivators for recovery was to run competitively again. My statement was met with derision- “surely you’ll just use the sport to burn extra calories?” She assumed that taking part in competitive sport would maintain an eating disorder, which had already robbed me of years of my life.

Well here I am a few years later, passionate about recovery and fervent about running. Granted it doesn’t work for everyone, but the sport has taught me some valuable lessons, primarily that I can only get fitter and faster if I feed my body and allow it to rest. Yes there are hard training sessions, but no self-punishment- there are few things better than training in the pouring rain, mud sometimes up to my knees, and knowing that my body is strong enough to battle through and perform at a level that I will feel good about. With a well- fed body comes a fully functioning brain, no longer clouded with fears and compulsions around body shape and food- recovery has allowed me to take the driving seat in my career.

I run for ABC because I hope to bring awareness of the charity and the outstanding work it does in helping people struggling with eating disorders and their families. More than anything I want those who have lost hope to know that recovery is possible even when a “normal life” seems unimaginable and the illness is deeply entrenched.

With time, support and a touch of pure grit, recovery can be amazing."