Eating disorders affect people of all ages and without the right support and intervention, they can develop into life-threatening illnesses. At ABC we regularly receive enquiries from professionals, requesting general information on eating disorders and quite often specific guidance on how to best support a person struggling. The information in the following pages has been produced by ABC to answer some of your questions concerning eating disorders and your specific field of professional work, with relevent information on causes, signs, symptoms as well as practical strategies on how to approach the person to offer support. 

ABC's Professional Survey into Primary Healthcare

The vast majority of patients (88%) say no advice was available to their support network.

There’s also concern that a third (33%) of respondents say no offer was made to monitor their physical health.  

Over half of patients (51%) spent less than 10 minutes with their GP during their initial consultation.

More than half (55%) had to go back multiple times before getting a referral.

Once they’d been referred, 48% had to wait over a month before their treatment started

Research was carried out by Vision Critical on behalf of Anorexia & Bulimia Care and cannot be reproduced without permission in writing. For the full survey results, please contact us at 


Anorexia & Bulimia Care in Partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Launches The first Online Training Course in Eating Disorders for GPs and Primary Healthcare Professionals

Having written this new course, ABC's training will now include medical information at a level beyond CPD accreditation. This will be applied to our education training programme, to reach medical staff and healthcare teams within schools, colleges and universities. For details on this new course or our training, please contact us here.