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Posted one year ago

I am making this post as the administrator for ABC. When we planned and developed this online platform I was very keen to include a support section where we can share stories of how we deal with the services. The term services is an umberella term for everything, from the GP visits, the monitoring with the nurse, inpatient care, camhs, outpatient care, PALS and the social security, basically anything that you have had to do to make things happen. Today I listened to woman’s hour on BBC as a mum described the very swift admission that her daughter had to near by inpatient care – I wonder is this typical?
A while ago I wrote to my MP asking what he was going to do for my daughter as the outpatient care following a lengthy inpatient stay was not been joined up. I have had 2 meetings and as a result he has visited the local overstretched service, I have actually had a secretary tutting at me when I made a request saying well we are very busy you know !. My MP has asked some questions on my behalf. He has a promises of a proposal for our county which would see an acute inpatient unit being built, (currently we do not have one), he tells me he has to fight to get the funding to make it happen. I know that he has more of a case the more letters /visits from parents such as myself that he has. If this is true for our county then it may well be true for yours would you consider doing something like this?

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