what is it like to the sibling of somone with an eating disorder



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Posted one year ago

I am making this post as the ABC administrator; however I am also the supporter of my daughter who has been battling an eating disorder for the past 6 years. I have 2 younger children, a boy and a girl they are all reasonably close in age. In the years since my daughter became ill I have watched the effect on them of having an older sibling who is suffereing from an eating disorder. In my case the siblings were mid to late teens. I did my best not to leave them out of my thoughts but in the early stages of my daughter’s illness she was away at uni I was so worried and frightened and seemed to spend all of my time crying. I think that I was unable to talk about anything else for at least a year. I think that this must have been very tough for them at a time when maybe they needed more of my time, understanding and support. If I am honest I think that they are still unravelling their feelings about it now, years later. I have noticed that no siblings have made a post on the forum yet and I really want to encourage you because you may have felt powerless, perhaps a bit of an observer, whilst still feeling the pain and the worry for yourself , for your sibling and for your parents. So making a post may help in some way; it be therapeutic for you and therefore your family and you may also be able to help other people who are going through the same. I hope that you feel able to share your story and begin a discussion.

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