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Posted 2 years ago

I don't know how it happened, I cant really say when its started. Well maybe I can she had an allergy test that she bought in the high street, she had a lot of reactors, so she began to cut them out. She was never a big girl, but she had been sporty she just looked good. With cutting out things that she was supposed to be allergic to her weight began to drop, and people started to congratulate her. She started to cut more things out of her diet and now she eats a very limited range of food. She is a fantastic cook and we used to have delicious food, we don't have any children yet and we used to enjoy meals out and parties, but everything seems to have dried up. Its all very sad. Her lovely long hair is beginning to fall out and her body and face seem to be covered in down hair. I was beginning to get home later because I cant bear the tension. But I have decided that that is running away and I do love her so I need to support her, but where do I start?

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