How can I get him to listen to me now he is an adult



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Posted 2 years ago

I have just returned From taking my son to A&E I found him collapsed on the kitchen floor of his flat. He is 27, he does not live with me, but I see him almost every day and he has good neighbours. He had a tough time at school and suffered with depression, he was under the care of Cahms for 2 years, but he seemed to get back on track and he did well in his exams. He did not go away to uni he wanted to go straight into work and he has a pretty good job. He has a few good friends who I think he sees often. When we were at the hospital he had to undress and I saw that he had become very thin again, he has been hiding it well. I feel terrible that it has got this far without me noticing. At the hospital he got a bit hysterical. They kept him in for a few hours, they asked him about his eating, I saw him stretching the truth, saying that he has been very busy in his job, getting home late, leaving early. They believed him, they told him to go and have a McDonalds. He promised to look after himself. I took them to one side and said that I was worried about him, they said to keep an eye on him but that he is an adult now, it is up to him.
On the way home I suggested that we go for a meal, he said that he wanted to get home, I suggested that we stop at a supermarket to stock up, he said that he was fine. When we got to his flat I had a look in his cupboards, they were pretty empty apart from a low calorie yogurt that was out of date and some rice cakes. He found me looking in the cupboard and went crazy, he ordered me to get out of his house, he told me that I don’t understand how hard it is, he was raging. He is obviously ill but now I have blown his trust, he is not speaking to me, I am very worried.

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