Parent and Carer's Online Community

 Welcome to the ABC Parent and Carer's Online Community. This online community has been created to help and support you if you have a friend or someone in your family who is battling an eating disorder. Through this platform you can share your feelings and experiences and give and gain support and encourgement from others in similar situations. The Onilne Community membership is growing steadily. If you have any problems logging on, or using the Online Community please use the 'contact administrator' button on the home page.

To join the Community please read the rules and register your membership, this is a confidential community. Some parents and carer's have found it advisable to choose a user name that would not be identifiable to family and friends, furthermore it may be advisable to refer to your child rather than your son or daughter if you wish to remain annonymous. Thanks to Lottery funding this community is currently free, but donations will enable us to keep it running.

Supporting someone who is battling an eating disorder can be challenging and exhausting, but there are more positive times as well. In order to celebrate the good times and to  give hope to others you are invited to share your good news stories with an image if you would like to. Please send them to the administrator using the link button at the bottom of each posts page.

When we established this platform we included an opportunity to online chat with a memeber of the ABC team.  However Live Chat was not  very polular so we have  had a break from it  over the summer. It would be very useful if you could let us know whether  it would be helpful to you to reinstate it. We would also welcome any thoughts about when would be the best time to run it - please do this through the 'contact administrator' button on the home page .

Your opinions are invaluable to ABC and will help us to continue to grow and shape this platform you can do this by using the contact administrator button on the home page and  the poll at the bottom of the page.

As a member of the online parent and Carer's community ABC would like to offer you a free copy of 'The Parent and Carer's  Guide to Eating Disorders' by Jane Smith  (RPP£7.99) If you would like a copy of this book please email the administrator  through the contact administrator button with your postal address.


How did you find out about this on line community


“It really helps to have somewhere to share my feelings and thoughts. Hearing from other carers offers me hope.”